Ionic music controls


i am writing an mobile app using ionic music control. It works fine on Android, but the problem is, that my code doesn’t work at all on iOS.

Do you have any working example that i can relay on? Or maybe you can take a look at my code:

and point out any issues.


I have not begun using music controls yet (will soon), so I don’t have any experience to help. That said I noticed that Music Controls - Ionic Documentation (and GitHub - ghenry22/cordova-plugin-music-controls2: A Cordova plugin displaying music controls in notifications (cordova-plugin-music-controls)) mention this:

 this.musicControls.listen(); // activates the observable above


Maybe it is part of what iOS needs to know that the controls are active?

The example doesn’t mention any required permissions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you needed to set some kind of permission in order to use music controls on iOS.