Ionic Modal Button Error: Buttons show up but are not able to be clicked some times

I have put a click in a modal pop up from the controller. The buttons are done as so:

Almost the entire time I have tested the web / phonegap app works perfectly. But once I run on the device it seems its a hit or miss with individuals instances never the same as well as some times working perfectly. I thought it was something to do with loading the data from the services or the controller but all of my functions and code takes place in what seems to be proper order as from examples I have seen. Here is my code for the init and calling functions of the modal. Thank you so very much for your time and I hope this is just a bug with testing. I am using the cordova run command on my android g5 via usb port.


$ = function(address, website, phone, description, shopName, location, id) {

    $scope.closeEat = function() {

var modal = $ionicModal.fromTemplate(’

‘+ shopName +’

’+ EAT_TPL +’
’, {
scope: $scope,
animation: ‘slide-left-right’
    if(typeof modal != 'undefined'){;


Can you please modify your post so the code is in code blocks. We can’t see some of it. Also, if possible create a codepen reproducing the problem.

A code pen wont work I don’t believe. My problem is when users tap button in a modal on the android device. the button is not acting as if it has a click function or is even a button. I saw that nightly had handled this but his bundle and the one I use clash and when I use his my side menu is not shown any more