Ionic login via c9 dosen't work (Ionic Pro)

Hey guys im trying to login into my ionic account via c9, but unfortunately it doesn’t work, and i added the correct Email and password

it sends back that No users found by that Email like this :

Request: POST
Response: 404
{ link: null,
type: ‘NotFound’,
message: ‘No user found by that email’ }

ionic version:

@ionic/cli-utils : 1.9.2
ionic (Ionic CLI) : 3.9.2
any solutions??

What is c9?

This is probably related to the new Ionic Pro service. Where did you create that account and log in?

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c9 : Cloud9 IDE is an online integrated development environment
i created my account here:
what do you mean is related with the new ionic Pro servic ??

after many hours of trying, the issue has been solved
you can find the solution here :

Ionic Pro is this here:
Newly created accounts that go to are from it and need the code you found to work in current CLI. I hope an update will be released soon that will make the pro backend the default.

Do you have a normal terminal at c9 where you then run ionic login or are there forms and buttons you click?

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Like you said, it is related with the ionic Pro.
I’m using normal terminal at c9 once i set the backend Pro then run ionic login <email> <password>, it works perfectly.

Thanks a lot for your help Sujan :+1:

Ah ok. I was just curious now how this c9 thing works. First sounded like some deeper integration.

the cool thing about it is all in one and next to each other with pre installed many features and packages.
feel free to look around

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This is What Zack H. (Ionic Support) said :

Regarding logging in from the browser, make sure you’re on, since that is the new location of Ionic Pro. If you find yourself on, that’s the URL for the legacy platform.