Cli login doesn't work

I’ve been struggling with this d*mn client for about a month, i execute “ionic login” so i can login via CLI, and this is what happens:
$ ionic login
Log into your Ionic account
If you don’t have one yet, create yours by running: ionic signup

? Email:

? Password: [hidden]
Request: POST
Response: 404
{ link: null,
_ type: ‘NotFound’,_
_ message: ‘No user found by that email’ }_

i’ve tryied the same password by logging through browser and works just fine. Any idea about what is happening? Should i configure something? All i’ve done is the following:

  1. installed with npm install -g cordova ionic
  2. created a new project with ionic start sonidos blank
  3. tryied to login w ionic login.


Just a cross check: you can login in the ionic web dashboard at



Hi tom, yes, that’s what i’ve meant when i said that i was logging through the browser. On that site i can log just fine


I would remove cordova and ionic all together and reinstall

Npm i -g ionic@latest cordova@latest

Maybe check ionic info and post the results here

Worst case, reinstall npm/node


Finally, it turned out to be related to a (missing) environment variable. I had to create a new variable:
Variable Name: ssh-keygen
Variable Value C:\Program Files\Git\cmd

Solution found here:

i leave this solution here if anyone has the same problem in the future. Thanks anyway Tommertom!