`ionic login`: Email or Password incorrect

I trying to login using command prompt. But I can login using the same email and password using browser. Please help I need to upload project.

What CLI are you using? Post your ionic info please.

Anything special about your email or password? Super special characters?


My email and password no super special characters.

Have you tried typing both directly when calling the command like ionic login hello@example.com secret? Maybe this helps. Has it worked before on your system?

Yes, I tried typing both directly when calling the command. This is the result.

Am i right ?

Oh sorry, I gave you Ionic CLI v3 beta syntax. Try this:

ionic login -e email@example.org -p sEcReT

first -> Error logging in: Error: self signed certificate
next -> email or password incorrect

Let me guess:
You are behind some proxy that messes with SSL?

Then how do I fix it?

First step: Tell me if you actually are.
Second step: Easiest will be to just connect to a Wifi Hotspot from your mobile device temporarily, do the login and then return to your normal network.

Maybe you can also login on another computer and then copy the .ionic folder from your user directory over - but I am not sure this works.

Thank you very much for your advice.
I have tried connecting to Wifi Hotspot from a mobile phone, it works. I guess the reason will come from my university’s internet. This causes these disorders.