Cannot login using cmd


i am new with ionic, i follow the step-by-step tp create project using ionic.
cordova ionic npm nodejs all installed and i already make my firts app.
i also successfully add android platform after search about ANDROID_HOME thing…
but now i want to upload my project to ionic cloud and ofcourse i have to login first,
so in my command prompt i type ionic login command prompt then ask me for email, so i entered my email that i registered before. and provide the password. but after i press ENTER ionic tell me that may be my email or my password is incorrect. But i am 1000000% sure that it is correct since i can log in to my account in ionic site…
is there anyone who face the same problem with me?
what is the solution for this?


Yep I’m having this issue with CLI 1.5.4


Same. I’ve posted an issue on Github:

Edit: I got it to work! Check out the Github issue thread above.