Ionic ios app with in-app purchase - how to test in-app consumable product before first submission of the app and product

[Already asked this on SO - but thought here might be a better target audience]

Building an ionic 3 app and want to add in-app purchases for iOS. But can’t seem to be able to test the in-app purchase products.

I integrated with both Native in app purchase plugins from the Ionic Native documentation website In App Purchase and In App Purchase 2 i am not able to test any of the products. i always get the error that the “Unknown product identifier” . ( NOTE: this works ok with Google Play in-app purchases)

Important : this is pre any submission of the app with in-app purchases to the App Store (however the app has been approved before and is published in the App Store). I already have an in-app purchase product created in App Store Connect that is “cleared for sale” and “ready for submission”.

also - i have checked the following:

  1. Paid Applications contract in iTunes is signed
  2. in-app purchase capability in Xcode is turned on (i run ionic cordova prepare ios and opened the workspace in Xcode)
  3. App ID in the Identifiers section of page exists and has In-App Purchase Enabled for both Dev and Distribution
  4. created Sandbox user for testing

All the above being considered i tried building both in Debug and Release mode - with iOS App Development profile and App Store or Ad Hoc distribution profiles and deployed to a trusted device and always get that same error when i try to purchase the product “Unknown product identifier” .

Is there something i am missing - is there something i need to do for the build, or set-up on the profiles. Or does it have to do with the in-app purchase product not being approved yet (although i can’t submit the product without submitting a new build with in-app purchases and the new build is not good because i can’t test the product - kind of the egg and the chicken problem).

Any help and/or pointers would be appreciated, as i ran out of ideas.


I have the same issue…

Hi @dev-fga, do you find a solution for this ? I’m in the same …

Any suggestions here? Im stuck with the same atm?