Ionic ion-side-menus side menu fire scroll to in side content

Hey, I want to click the items in side menu and side content scrolls, but it seems does not work, please see this.

Try this.

  $scope.slideTo = function(location) {
    location = $location.hash(location);
    console.log('scrolling to: '+location);
    //$ionicScrollDelegate.$getByHandle('mainScroll').scrollTo(0, 300, true);

Or this.

<a id="{{}}" class="item item-stable item-icon-left item-icon-right"ng-click="scrollMe("><a>

Then this js

$scope.scrollMe = function (anchor) {

  $timeout(function () {
  }, 200);

Thank you so much, but I still have problem when I tried to bind to async loaded data, the example here is fine, but when I got $scope.ids from $http.get, I clicked and location hash changed but it flashed and does not scroll, please help me with this, So sorry to bother you, thank you again.

Hey no worries, this is why I’m here :smile:

So is it possible for you to create an example using $

sorry for late replay, I finally found that my problem is about scroll id binding on list item, so I changed that and I solved it. thank you for your generous help.
And now I come up with another problem, it’s about ion-nav-bar ion-nav-back-button, it actually functions well, but I found that sometimes in some special pages, when I clicked back button, I want to navigate to other page other than previous, is there a way to do this? or is there a way to add ion-nav-bar and ion-nav-back-button in ion-view and do navigation?
Thank you so much.