Ionic Infinite Scrolling - Ionic 5

Hey there, I have tried to implement ionic-infinite-scrolling from the documentation. while it works on mobile displays, it does not when i change to a larger display like ‘desktop’. I have been stuck on this and tried googling but couldnt find anything. so it would be great if anyone could suggest a solution or a workaround for this problem. Thank you.

Can you share what you’ve tried please?



Please note that the data is being loaded into my store when I dispatch the action nextPageUpdate(). It seems that the findNext() method is not being triggered. I hope this helps let me know if you need any more info. Thank you

Hey there me again :sweat_smile: I managed to fix the problem i was displaying a small number of data which did not reach the bottom of the screen and so preventing any kind of scroll action. Thanks alot for your response anyways!