Horizontal scrolling and infinite scroll

Hi all,

I couldn’t find any topics about horizontal scrolling and infinite scroll, so maybe someone can help me.
I’ve build an app like Netflix, where you can scroll horizontally. My first instantiate load will load the first 10 items, then i would like to have something like the standard infinite scroll (lazy loading) to get the next 10…

Vertically I know how to do, but horizontally? Does anyone have an idea?

Code for now:

> <div class="scroll-block" id="collections">      
>         <ion-scroll scrollX style="height:185px;">
>             <div *ngFor="let exhibition of exhibition" class="scroll-item" (click)="openExhibitionDetail(exhibition)">
>                 <div class="image" [ngStyle]="{'background-image': 'url(' + exhibition.featured_full + ')'}"></div>
>                 <div class="text" [innerHTML]="exhibition.title.rendered"></div>
>             </div>
>         </ion-scroll>
>     </div>

Thanks in advance,


Does someone can help me on this? Thanks!

Having the same issue. Have you ever found a solution?