Ionic in Vanilla Javascript - How to?

Good day

I am interesting in developing Ionic Apps using vanilla javascript. I have started using the CDN version and everything is going well-ish. Thanks to the ionic documentation Im able to see my way through.

It kinda funny that everything has to transpile to javascript, ie, react, vue and typescript yet there are very few sources of vanilla javascript sources available, I find it odd.

Anyway, please with due respect, I dont know TS, I dont know Angular and will learn Capacitor soon and are just interested in following this route for my use case. If you have any useful sources where I can get proper content, I would be glad.

At the moment I am having struggles with the ion-router, etc, I like the tabs-example for routing but the ion-router and ion-router-outlet documentation is not so informative. For example, what if I dont want to use a custom component on the ion-router example and use something like the ion-tabs example approach? Is that even possible? Well I always believe that nothing is impossible, knowing how could be an issue. Thus me asking.

If you can help and know your way around this topic, please let’s touch base and let’s talk.

Thank you so much.