Ionic: import { SpinnerDialog } from 'ionic-native';

I’m trying to get the native “SpinnerDialog” component installed and usable. I’ve tried the instructions here, and also this other guy’s plugin.

Neither seem to work. When I try to add the following:
import { SpinnerDialog } from 'ionic-native';

I get this:
[ts] Module '[path_to_app]/node_modules/ionic-native/dist/index' has no exported member 'SpinnerDialog'.

I’ve also tried manually editing config.xml (added <plugin name="cordova-plugin-spinner-dialog" spec="~1.3.1"/>), and … some other spot I can’t recall now… but I haven’t been able to fix the issue.

Any suggestions? Is this supposed to work? I have the most current version of all npm packages, and the app works fine otherwise.

I got the same error here. In my computer using

// tsconfig.json
"moduleResolution": "node",

it works. But it doesn’t on my peers computer.

Here is the solution