Ionic Native TTS not importing

I followed the documentation on Ionic website, i tried implementing the native plugin TTS but when i import it to my project i get this error saying “Error:(3, 35) TS2305: Module ‘“W:/MobileApps/ElizadeApp -/node_modules/ionic-native/dist/index”’ has no exported member ‘TTS’.”, I have updated my ionic-native to 1.3.16 but i still get same error message. Please I need help.

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oh, i also have this issue too. Waiting the answer …

I have found the answer, just use import {TextToSpeech} instead of {TTS}…

this is solution !

update your ionic-native

use like this
import {TextToSpeech} from ‘ionic-native’

“ionic-native”: “^1.3.17”

how to update ionic-native ?

run npm install ionic-native --save

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