Ionic Img Viewer Not working?

I am trying to open image in full screen .

but its not work

please give tips for make it done

show your implemented code

I am importing ionic img viewer on App Module

In HTML Source

 <div *ngFor="let y of x.image_url" > 
  	<div *ngIf="x.image_url!=null" >
  <img [src]="y" imageViewer> 


I am using IONIC 3 and Livereload testing with Android Device

try this

did you find any solution? I have the same problem. (I did run the npm i ionic-img-viewer command, still not working)

add modules in app.module.ts its working in my app… Ex :-

import { IonicImageViewerModule } from ‘ionic-img-viewer’;


imports: [


its working, cheers