Ionic Hybrid app not working android 4.3 ! Help!

Hello guys ))

i have a android 4.3 version device ) i make the ionic app and build it , but this app don’t work the android 4.3 version devices )) please help me !

Message : There was a problem parsing the package .

Change it -> “cordova-android”: “4.3.0”,

That is totally wrong. cordova-android is the Cordova platform, its version number does have nothing to do with Android version.

Your problem is possibly caused by the cordova-plugin-ionic-webview plugin that is part of every new or updated Ionic app. The current version 2.x doesn’t support Android 4.x any more.

Read here for more background and possible solutions:

as per ionic team ionic_v4 will support android version kitkat as well.
Is there any info. how they will achieve this


Read the link I posted and do what it says.

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thanks. May be they means to downgrade the webview versio for apps which will support apps for kitkat

Hi Sujan,

i followed the steps you described but it’s still not working. I have downgraded the webview plugin to 1.2.1( ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ionic-webview@1.2.1). but it showing the same error.

Then open a new topic and include all your information.