Ionic how to use js code to close cordova plugin view


I have a Ionic Datepicker plugin in one view. When the app receive a notification message, it will jump to another view, but the datapicker view is still here. So I want to close the datepicker view when I click the notification message.
Bug how to achieve the goal?


Hi Jiao,

You can try the below code , hope it will help you out by using timeout function.

   // For example's sake, hide the sheet after two seconds

$timeout(function() {
}, 2000);


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Thanks for your answer, but it does’t solve my problem. I don’t know what’s your code of the function hideSheet(). Now what I want is code to close plugin view rather then closing the sheet.



Please Refer this, Hope this will help -

ActionSheet Hide


Hi, adjtyajaiz.

Thank’s for your answer angain. But I think you may be not understand my problem. What I want to do is close a cordova plugin view, rather then the $ionicActionSheet view.

Thank you once again.