You have to click twice to close the actionSheet


I have got a problem when using actionsheet. When actionsheet pop up, I click “cancel” button (or click somewhere else), the actionsheet hides, but the content can not be scroll, you have to click the content again to actually close the actionsheet. And you can see there is two “CANCELLED” in console. I test the actionsheet by using the example in “ionic-0.9.18-alpha\js\ext\angular\test\actionSheet.html”


I created an issue:


$animate.removeClass(element, ‘active’, function() {
hei,do this twice in ionic-angular.js that problem will be solved .the dom for the actionSheet has double opt , click first it remove one ‘active’ from one opt, click second the other opt will be removed. @adam @max


i’m still having the same problem. the button need to click twice to close it. I’m using ionic 0.9.24


I am having the same issue with regular buttons.

data-ng-click action fires off the first time but if I tap on the button again, click event doesn’t fire off. It works again only if I tap anywhere else on the screen and then tap on the button.

I am using 0.9.25


@Bilal would you be able to create a codepen or plunkr showing how your actionsheet is setup? Thanks.


it’s working for me now. i think the problem because i try to using angular-hammer js.