Ionic , how to get exact data from hard coded local JSON

Hi every one , i tried to create my own json file to use to verify login , then created a provider called " redditdata.ts" to get the data from my json file (professeur.json) , i got in an observable correctly when i open the console , but i want to retrieve the password and the username , wich i will use in my login verification , how can i do that please ?? , thanks , this is my code below … J4
redditdata.ts ( the provider to acess my json file)


my html button code (professeur.html)
<button (click)=“login()” ion-button color=“danger” block outline>LOGIN

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Just try to use php to generate web service instead of hard coded

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i will try that , but for now i need to know how i will get the username and password to use it for verification from the JSON i had create it

Never store passwords on device. It’s a security disaster.

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Hi Souma,

The others have rightly pointed out that storing credentials in your source files is bad practice. However, with regard to your question… =>

change getRemoteData() to reflect:

import { Observable } from 'rxjs/Observable';

getRemoteData(): Observable<Object> {
 return this.http.get('assets/data/professeur.json');

change ionViewDidLoad() to reflect:

ionViewDidLoad() {
 this.redditService.getRemoteData().subscribe(data => {
  //Any further operations here you want to perform on data when it comes in
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you could try in this way

this.http.get('assets/data/filename.json').map(res => res.json()).subscribe(data => {
               console.log( data);

Note: Store the respective json file in assets/data/filename.json