Getting data from Json

Thanks in advance.
I am really trying to get data from my json file while the user parsing on the button but it doesn’t work… any help?
New with Ionic

my ts

 private tips: any[];
  getData() {
    let localData = this.http.get('/assets/advices.json').map(res => res.json());
    localData.subscribe(data =>{;


my html

<button ion-fab (click)="getData()">
    <ion-icon name="search"></ion-icon>

including the right providers

try to use console.log(res) to see the data that you are gtting

While “it doesn’t work” may make perfect sense to you, it is pretty useless to a stranger. Describe expected behavior, actual behavior, and the difference between the two. Include any relevant error messages (as text).

Sorry, you’re right. I meant that nothing is showing to the user

Like in the png, I see the data of the JSON throw the log but I want the user get the massage of “tip 3” and so on… thanks!

Don’t abuse any here. Define an interface and use it. More importantly, always initialize every object property at the point of declaration, even if it is only to something like [] for arrays or {} for objects. Presumably you have an ngFor somewhere in code you haven’t posted that is throwing errors when attempting to loop across undefined.

Ok.After, how to print the value while pressing ?

i don’t konw how do you wanna display the value of tip so
you can see this tutorial i think gonna help you