Ionic hotel website

I am planning building a website using RESTFUL with Angular for a front end and laravel for the backend for a hotel booking website.

Although not an app where it will be packaged by cordova I am planning the website to be more targeted around mobile devices however I would also like to have it display on the desktop.

Should I use Ionic for this or stick with Foundation 5 or Bootstrap for its UI to integrate with Angular?


I would not recommend ionic for website purposes.
If you want to be optimized for mobile you can build different websites so if a mobile device opens your domain --> redirect to the mobile version.

But i think there are many beautiful for mobile optimized layouts to start.

Thanks…Anything you would recommend?

Would you then use bootstrap with angular then or similar? Would you decouple Laravel so you could have a desktop front end and a mobile front end and Laravel can run the service?

I would build something like a rest API with the backendframework (Laravel in this case).

For the frontend use bootstrap with angularjs and any extension, theme you want

Instead of the default mobile-menu i would try to add something like a sidemenu.

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I agree with bengtler, stick with Bootstrap, specifically angular-bootstrap. Ionic is great, but version 1 is really for mobiles.