Scaffolding Ionic on top of AngularJS + Bootstrap Desktop App

Hey All,

First of all, I want to say that the Ionic framework looks amazing and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my app. I looked through the Ionic forums and couldn’t find a similar question so wanted to bring up my situation to the community in case this can be beneficial to others in the future. My friend and I have built an AngularJS app w/ Bootstrap (for desktop, but mobile optimized) and have scaffolded it in the following way: I was wondering if there was a clever way to scaffold our app and incorporate Ionic such that if a user were to access our site via desktop they would see our desktop templates that we’ve already built, but if they came in through a mobile app or mobile browser they would see the Ionic version of our app.

Would appreciate any insight from the Ionic community. Thanks so much!


I’m pretty sure the most efficient way to do this will be to serve different content based on the device context. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a better way as it was the reason I didn’t go with Ionic with the next iteration of our app, which needs to work on both desktop and mobile. You may be able to get a little reuse, but perhaps not a great amount.

The alternative (which I considered) is to just do an Ionic app and do some things to make it work for desktop. Last time I read, Ionic does not advise doing this.

Thanks for the reply! I ended up putting all my services into a separate repo and making a repo for our ionic app and one for our angularjs app and having those two repos use the services repo as a submodule.