Ionic geolocation not working in android environment


ionic 3 geolocation is working well on IOS and web both but not shown the result on android. I tried using ionic DevApp and also export .apk but same there is no result found in the Android environment. Please guide if possible. Thank You!


Sometimes it is caused by permissions on the device, first at all make sure GPS is working at the moment you will use the plugin function, if the problem persist, go to your phone configurations, search your app and make sure it has permission for geolocation.


same issue,

working fine with iOS device,
but not working with some android devices.
I checked all permissions are okay.

  • location permission with high accuracy ,
  • GPS,

please update me if you find any solution

for more detail refer this ionic-native geolocation bug report


After many attempts, I solved it. You have to release .apk file and test it on the real device. You get accurate results on Android.


@musmanzpak I have checked with release .apk but still not working. :frowning:

if you have any release working .apk with geolocation functionality, please provide me.
need to check with different devices


Check this .apk file. Download here


@musmanzpak I have no permission to access .apk / Download


Oh Sorry! Please check this link. Download here

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same issue,

Not working on android devices.
I checked all permissions are okay.

@musmanzpak your Apk also not working in my device , it ask a permission but not show current location ,only showing loader .

Please guide if possible. Thank You!


check my recent project to show geolocation coordinates tested on android and browser