Geolocation not working when run on android device

Iam using this plugin,
when i run command “ionic lab”, it worked fine,

but when i deploy my application to my android device, it is not working, when running with default setting, it takes long time,
when i use custom setting
{enableHighAccuracy: false, timeout: 25000, maximumAge: 0}

it always show error result time out.

for your information, im using redmi note, kitkat

Are you trying to get location from cellular network or from WIFI.
Double check your location service.

sorry, i just found out, after i restarted my phone,

the problem is solved,

note: after using fake gps, geolocation couldnt get the current location, even though i already turn off fake gps apps,
i need to restart my phone for the geolocation to work again

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