Ionic Framework Android Error 404

Hi friends,

When i test my app in localhost browser,its working good.But when i deploy in android device, i get error resource not found.Even my API also not working get error 404 not found

Do you have more info, like : did you debug the app connected to your imac and watch what happens in chrome??
What api is not working?

Hi pcr,

i get error as in chrome debug screenshot below,i obtain this error when i add crosswalk to my android project. If i remove it and run it in my device, there is no error, but the app is so laggy.



Are you using crosswalk?

And from one of the posts (updated) in the blog, which is mentioned by jbavari:

Issues with Crosswalk not loading external resources

Using the latest changes from Cordova Android 4.0.0, the Cordova team has removed the Whitelisting capabilities of cordova to now reside in a whitelist plugin.

This plugin has not been released yet, but is required to allow whitelisting to work properly with Cordova android 4.0.

To get around this issue, please install the plugin using this command: ionic plugin add

That should temporarily get you around that issue until the Cordova team releases that plugin to the Cordova Plugin registry.

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Hi Josedrian,

Yes,going to try now,will get back to you,

thanks alot :smile:

Hi Josedrian,

It works for API only, not for local files,such as image path,is it possible for me to revert my ionic version 1.3.19 to 1.3.18.I really need to deliver my application this weekend.Highly appreciate help.

Thanks alots