Ionic application looks ugly after adding Crosswalk

Hi, i am trying to add Crosswalk to my Ionic 3 app to support Android 4, but when I add the Crosswalk plugin (ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview) and run the app on real device, the app starts to look ugly. Images looks like low resolution and the shadows are sharp - see the example pictures below. When I remove the Crosswalk plugin, everything looks OK again.

Here is the example on a real device - Alcatel Pixi 4 with Android 6.0. Image on the left is without Crosswalk, on the right is after adding Crosswalk:

What’s the problem? I spent a few hours looking for some Crosswalk setting or parameter or anything, that could be related to this, but have found nothing… Is there something I am missing?


Here is another example, again without Crosswalk on the left, with Crosswalk on the right: