İonic for loop don't stop localstorage get line

Hi guys. my problem is ;

for loop dont stop line , storage got me veriable when i=3 , how can i stop line for loop

for(var i = 0 ;;i++)
              if(!this.veri.element_list['element_name_' + (i)])
     ['element_id_' + (i)]).then(datas=>{
               this.veriler.push({elementname: this.veri.element_list['element_name_' + (i)],elementid:  this.veri.element_list['element_id_' + (i)], gorunum: datas});  
                console.log(this.veri.element_list['element_name_' + (i)]);

i dont understand your question

Can you back up and explain the larger goal? The code sample you have provided strikes me as extremely odd.