Ionic + Firebase + Sidemenu + Tabs template?


I’m starting a new project and I’d really like a template that works with Firebase and has Sidemenus and Tabs with Firebase auth for FB, Google, etc through Firebase. Ideally it would have some user management. It seems to me that lots of apps will start with a framework like this, but I have not fond one. I would be happy to pay for this since it would require some work to do this. Does anyone know if this exists? I’ve been poking around in the market and even bought two, but they really don’t do what I want. Thanks.


I don’t know of any that specifically do what you’re asking but there’s a firebase auth starter here

You can easily add a side menu and it has tabs too that are hidden by default I think.

If you find any better ones let us know


Thanks. That has some useful code, but it does not do the social logins build into Firebase. I do have a Angular web app which does this so maybe I’ll just use this and mine and make one for myself. Firebase seems like such a great fit with Ionic, I’m just surprised that no one really has this a a basic starter and I did not want to reinvent the wheel. This is just a side project for me so it may take a little while, but I will make one and post it if there really is no starter like this around.


@jbaima If you use Firebase web SDK like me, now Firebase has a full-featured FirebaseUI that handles everything Auth and social Auths (it’s new from web SDK 3 or so).