Ionic + Firebase - Real time database not updating view

I have a really weird problem with my application. In order for the real time database to display, I have to interact with the application. 2 months ago I did not have this problem, the information appeared normally, but now, I have to click on a button or something in order for the view to update.

I made a quick GIF here:

If you pause just as I click the <- back button you’ll see what I mean…

I don’t know what I did to make this happen…

Here is a code example from my application:


  if(fromClick) {; }
  this.postFeed = new Array();
  this.subscription = this.database.database.ref('/posts/'+this.locationId)
  this.subscription.on('child_added', (snapshot) => {


  <ng-container *ngFor="let post of postFeed.reverse(); let i = index">
    <post [postData]="post"></post>

So this code above used to work perfectly, but now I have to interact with my app for it to display on the screen, even though the postFeed console logs perfectly fine. The data shows up in the console exactly when I request it, but it doesn’t show on screen.

Any ideas? As I said, it used to work fine. Any help would be great! Thank you