Ionic Firebase Chat


I’m using Ionic -v: 6.13.1

I’m trying to create a firebase chat according to Building an Ionic Firebase Chat with Authentication

I have set up and wrote code step by step and line by line, as well as copy-paste, in case if I did some mistake when rewriting during the lesson, so it is complete the same project, installs, structure, folders, names etc, and something seems to go wrong on my side.

sendMessage() shows input with a console, firebase successfully records a message, and all messages and all users console logs are also retrieving firebase user data, but {{message.fromName}} and {{ message.msg }} just does not appears in <ion-content class="ion-padding">, dialog flow is blank, shows nothing.

Any advice, where to look would be usefull

You would have more luck getting an answer if you post your issue comment directly on the blog post.


Thank you for feedback