Ionic FCM notification custom sound is working in android 7 but not working in others

I am working on an Ionic FCM push notification, In this, our requirement is to add a custom notification sound on receive notifications.

Plugin used: FCM and Push

For this we have done this code:

app.component.ts file

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NavController, Platform } from '@ionic/angular';
import { FCM } from 'cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated/ionic/ngx';
import { INotificationPayload } from 'cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated';
import { Push } from '@ionic-native/push/ngx';
  selector: 'app-root',
  templateUrl: 'app.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['app.component.scss'],
export class AppComponent {
  public hasPermission: boolean;
  public token: string;
  public pushPayload: INotificationPayload;

  constructor(private platform: Platform, private fcm: FCM, private nav: NavController,
    private push: Push) {

  createChannel() {
    // to check if we have permission
      .then((res: any) => {

        if (res.isEnabled) {
          console.log('We have permission to send push notifications');
        } else {
          console.log('We do not have permission to send push notifications');


    // Create a channel (Android O and above). You'll need to provide the id, description and importance properties.
      description: 'General Notifications',
      id: 'my_channel_01',
      importance: 5,
      sound: 'shotgun.wav',
      vibration: true,
      visibility: 1,
      badge: false
    }).then(() => console.log('Channel created'));

    // Return a list of currently configured channels
    this.push.listChannels().then((channels) => console.log('List of channels', channels));


  async setupFCM() {
    await this.platform.ready();
    console.log('FCM setup started');

    if (!'cordova')) {
    console.log('In cordova platform');

    console.log('Subscribing to token updates');
    this.fcm.onTokenRefresh().subscribe((newToken) => {
      this.token = newToken;
      console.log('onTokenRefresh received event with: ', newToken);

    console.log('Subscribing to new notifications');
    this.fcm.onNotification().subscribe((payload) => {
      if (payload.wasTapped) {
        console.log('Received in background');
        this.nav.navigateForward([payload.route], { animated: true });
      } else {
        console.log('Received in foreground');
      this.pushPayload = payload;
      console.log('onNotification received event with: ', payload);

    this.hasPermission = await this.fcm.requestPushPermission();
    console.log('requestPushPermission result: ', this.hasPermission);

    this.token = await this.fcm.getToken();
    console.log('getToken result: ', this.token);
    localStorage.setItem('token', this.token);
    this.pushPayload = await this.fcm.getInitialPushPayload();
    console.log('getInitialPushPayload result: ', this.pushPayload);

To send notifications as we know, we can send from the firebase console, from the manual code, and using postman.

Way 1 Postman:

A headers part
enter image description here

Body part
enter image description here

A URL I used in postman request:

Body part of code or called it json object is here:

    "to": "fPrZ1gnPKdg:APA91bGfUWgbrfZyZdzGy6qMjY2QhR0OVCeRfuwCRXMI0Q0fsT347HWAxIzwbv8EbFrXj8X2HbrwJakATgqFlr9ZQ_1TJMyW-8i6nOMrRf-6QPoPjxz8l_kj61dsydnQDbgh8GwUKLX9",
    "collapse_key": "type_a",
    "notification": {
        "body": "Body of Your Notification",
        "title": "Title of Your Notification",
        "sound": "shotgun.wav",
        "channelId": "my_channel_01",
        "click_action": "FCM_PLUGIN_ACTIVITY"
    "data": {
        "body": "Hello world",
        "title": "Title",
        "sound": "shotgun.wav",
        "route": "/tabs/tab2",
        "channelId": "my_channel_01",
    "priority": "high"

Way 2 Manually Request using httpClient

postNoti() {
    const body = {
      to: this.token,
      collapse_key: 'type_a',
      notification: {
        body: 'Body of Your Notification',
        title: 'Title of Your Notification',
        sound: 'shotgun.wav',
        channelId: 'testchannel1',
        click_action: 'FCM_PLUGIN_ACTIVITY'
      data: {
        body: 'Hello world',
        title: 'Title',
        sound: 'shotgun.wav',
        route: this.pathName
      priority: 'high'

    const headers = new HttpHeaders({
      Authorization: 'key=AAAA8QvR4ds:APA91bHkTOY65qN8fPE3uk2Y7RkohTJc7VTm9j_JeWHj5xXYAV7ryxZ_p7O6z9dn_-XP9n2PuvD9A406ElsQB2NEKV58QehAv109fuTkcYwCcoyzPokQut4RCzFl5ICWfadeUm6Cmw5s',
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',

    setTimeout(() => {
        .post('', body, { headers })
        .subscribe((res) => {
        }, (err) => {
    }, 10000);

Here in this code, I have added a timeout, I used a timeout to send notifications because when our app is open and notification receive it won’t show in the notification bar. So after I clicking on the sendNoti() function I am closing the app so I can see notification received.

Here in this Questions on the ionic forum I took as a reference and created a channel using the Ionic push plugin but still I am not getting sound.

I am tried 3 days but didn’t solve my issue. Please help me or guide me to solve this. If anyone needs more details comment it, I will share. Thank you in advance.