Ionic3 FCM custom sound not working

I need a custom ringtone for FCM notification. I tried all possible ways, but it’s not working in Android.I did not test yet IOS mobile.
I placed ring.mp3 file in the res/raw folder in the Android project. And created a notification channel using the PUSH plugin like this. But still, the default ringtone is coming. Any idea to fix this.


      id: "LVPEI1",

      description: "My first test channel",

      importance: 3,

      sound: 'assets/sound/ring.mp3',

      vibration: true,

      visibility: 1


      console.log('push channel created: ');

  }).catch(error =>{

      console.error('push channel error: ', error);



hi, I am facing the same problem. did u find any solution to this? If u did then please post it here.Thanks