Ionic + Express API = req.body undefined

Hi gents,

I have a “tiny” issue actually … and impossible to solve atm …

I have this source code : (profile.js is my function for the view and server.js … the API side)

should works but it’s doesnt actually …

Any ideas about that?


req.body must be always available.

i give you a hint: write a backend test and debug whats wrong with your node application.
or give me a public github repo and i will check it.

Thanks for your reply, mate!

Can I add you on my bitbucket repos? What is your username?

of course.

bitbucket: kirrg

OMG … problem solved … I didnt use body parser … completely forget …

Anyway, thanks for your help Kirrg :smile: feel free to have a look on my source code and if you have some time to loose, go to do some pull request haha

Have a great night!

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