Ionic events complete list


I have used the Event (focus). The Debugger say I should use (ionFocus).

Is there a list with all ionic Events, or is it simple the angularjs Event with ion at the front of the evant Name?

I found this link, can I use every Event of this list in an ionic app?

These warnings only seem to exist for focus and blur:

Thnks for your reply.

I tried to use the change event with an ion-select. But it wont work ionChange worked.

I tried some events with an ion-input. keypress, keydown, keyup and the other events from the inpt - doc. Worked all. So i think it is some try and error to find out wich event is the right.

I would suggest restricting event listening to framework (explicitly Ionic-documented) events, to the extent possible. Ionic/Angular are built in large part in order to shield app developers from direct DOM interaction, and I think app code is much cleaner and reliable if it lets the framework do that job.

Ok, but i cant find a list of ionic Events in the doc. Can you poast a link to the ionic events doc please?

The documentation for each component includes the events it emits. Presumably before you are attempting to write event listeners, you know what component you are interacting with.

I work with ion-input at the moment.

Here is the event list from the doc.

Along with the blur/focus events, input support all standard text input events like keyup, keydown, keypress, input,etc. Any standard event can be attached and will function as expected.

What event exactly means etc. ? :wink:
And what are the standard events?

Different components emit different events. Also, the code is open source, so you can check the outputs of any component in more depth than the documentation.

No, I don’t know what component the user is interacting with. I just want to know if they’re inactive so I can log them out of the app. So, like the poster of this topic, I’d like a list of all Ionic events. If I knew this, I could reset a timer whenever an event I’ve subscribed to is fired. Unless there’s a better way of course???