Ionic emulate ios not working after upgrading to El Capitan

After upgrading to El Capitan I can no longer launch the emulator with the ionic command line tools. “ionic emulate ios” appears to do nothing in the terminal. I get neither build information nor a failure, I just spin wait for ~2 seconds and then a new line appears in the terminal with no build output text and the emulator not starting. Does anyone know if I missed an upgrade step? Thanks for the help.

@jcschieb01 Are you sure that you updated your Xcode application and also accepted Terms & Conditions?

Yes I have, I am actually manually opening the project in Xcode in order to get it to run as is. This shows that both the the app and the emulator are working with my current setup. I just don’t get any response from “ionic emulate”

Maybe you can try: ionic run ios to see if you get something ?

Or simply reinstall ionic.

@Devniz ionic run ios also produced no build output and I completely reinstalled ionic. Used the build tools to create a new project, and even this proeject on a fresh install of ionic could not build.

Finally figured this out. Somehow in the upgrade process a newer version of Cordova became an unspecified dependency. I could not build for with v5, upgraded to v5.4 with npm install -g cordova and all is good.

Thanks @Devniz

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@jschieb01 Happy that you sorted it! ;D