Ionic Doesn't navigate past first Page

This is my view:

<ion-view view-title="Playlists">
  <ion-list ng-repeat="item in subversedetaileddata" can-swipe = 'true'>
        <ion-item ui-sref="app.single({playlistId:item.Id})" >
          <div class = 'row'>
              <div class = 'col-10 col-center'>{{item.Likes}}</div>
              <div class = 'col item-text-wrap' ng-click = 'openbrows(item.MessageContent)'>
                    <div ng-if = 'item.Title != null'> {{item.Title}} </div>
                    <div ng-if = 'item.Title == null'> {{item.Linkdescription}} </div>
          <ion-option-button class='button-positive'>
            <a class='icon ion-chatbubble' ></a>

This is my app.js

    .state('app.playlists', {
      url: '/playlists',
      views: {
        'menuContent': {
          templateUrl: 'templates/playlists.html',
          controller: 'PlaylistsCtrl'

  .state('app.single', {
    url: '/playlists/:playlistId',
    views: {
      'menuContent': {
        templateUrl: 'templates/playlist.html',
        controller: 'PlaylistCtrl'

I am only able to click but it does not navigate to playlist.

No error in console?