Ionic Documentation not working

site loads the content and disappears,
it is same for the new release v4 documentation and the stencil web site.
tested on mac chrome, mac safari, mac firefox, windows 10 chrome, windows 10 firefox

I’m often on it and it works well at home, just the missing search bar

windows 10 and chrome

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I’ve tried with tor and also tried with internet explorer from amazon cloud which is native in English they worked !!!,
this leads me a question that is ionic 4 not ready for multi language browser?

I am French and it is true that sometimes I receive problems of posting when the page is translated but I learned to do with :blush:

What language are you using @turkinan?

for some native API it was not added the / ngx for import.
I just saw camera, imagepicker and crop

still i can not visit

sorry they fixed it, it is a shame for them publishing before testing but at least they fixed it :slight_smile: