Ionic docs app for offline use

Not a question but a small feature request, a pdf for Ionic docs or an app which will update when online if there’s new info though that will be overkill. A cheat sheet with examples

Not that my opinion’s particularly relevant, but I’m having a tough time understanding the point of offline documentation for developing software dependent on the npm ecosystem that basically requires a network connection to build anything.


Just some additional thoughts.

You could just clone the repo and run it locally yourself.

Getting them onto would be cool too but not sure what effort that takes. It offers offline mode.


or you can just do it yourself.

sounds like what im looking for

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No all people can have an always active internet connection, and/or have a fast connection available.

It can also be that OP have to take a long fly and want to do something during that time.

In both cases, running npm installonce and be able to access the documentation without connection would be helpful. Npm is not needed for anything besides the initial instalation.

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Definitely internet connection is a bit of a problem where Im from.