Ionic 4 offline Docmumention


i am a beginner reagrding ionic, npm, git, etc.
Is there a way, to install the ionic docs offline on my notebook ?
I am looking for a working link, i can execute in a teminal windowm which looks somehow like the following :

npm install json package …

The package itself s here :

Thx, for any help

Yes, clone the documentation repo and run it on your laptop

Didn’t tried but probably something like

git clone
cd ionic-docs
npm install
npm run dev

and then each time you need it only npm run dev to run it

Also once the final v4 version will be released, the documentation will be shipped online with a service worker (according @mhartington in so afterwards the pages you would have browsed will also be available in your browser offline

Hi Richard,

thank you very much for the quick response.

All the lines went through without any problem.
Thereafter it opens http://localhost:3333/docs/ automatically and it looks good.
The only remaining problem is, that at the bottom of the page there are the important
infos visible but not really filled with content.

  • API Reference
  • CLI Dokumentation
  • Native APIs

The content in this Items is more or less missing .


Oh I see, I was probably too quick

So for the v4 API you could clone the Ionic repo itself and you will find a in each components like for example for the action-sheet

git clone

and then in the ionic folder find the different

for the Ionic native doc actually I don’t know, I would go directly in the typescript definition as it is well documented in code too but maybe someone as a better idea