I am trying to simulate my app in Ionic DevApp tool.
I am able to open it there but I receive this message and when I press ‘ok’ the app closes.


I add this line in config.xml but it didn’t solve.

<preference name="loadUrlTimeoutValue" value="700000" />

Could someone help me, please?


facing the same issue

Hi Yes I get the same issue, has anyone found a solution yet?

I had the same issue and I resolved it with opening port 8100 on my ubuntu pc os:
sudo ufw allow 8100

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i have the same issue, the solution please !!

Hello, Solve the error by configuring the firewall for my network …!errorIonicDev


After a long.R&D, your post helped me to come out the problem,Thank

I was using a different wifi in the computer than in the device …

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yeah tks!!, it took me by 4 hours.

After a tidious struggle. Found this, works perfectly!

This right here saved me. My phone was connected to a different WiFi network than my computer. Thanks!