Ionic Deploy: no update available, what do I miss?

I’m trying Ionic Deploy and currently have no result… I’m testing on Android with the following code:

var deploy = new Ionic.Deploy(); {}, function() {},
function(hasUpdate) {
if(hasUpdate) {
  console.log("has update");

  deploy.update().then(function(res) {
    console.log('Ionic Deploy: Update Success! ', res);
  }, function(err) {
    console.log('Ionic Deploy: Update error! ', err);
  }, function(prog) {
    console.log('Ionic Deploy: Progress... ', prog);

I upload my app with ionic upload --note "Alert Test" --deploy=production. And the device always output Ionic Deploy: no updates available. On the io dashboard I can see my update so I think there is a problem with the app.

What can I miss ? Is there a particular configuration to do on the device ?



Use a proxy like Charles Web Proxy to see which request Ionic Deploy actually sends out when it checks for an update. Look at the request if it matches your app and the reponse, if it really says that there is no update available.

I sometimes have the problem I have to click the button twice to get the option to download the update - maybe it’s the same for watch() - and as you can’t “click” a second time you never get the update offered to you.


I tried to use Charles Web Proxy as you suggested but how do you use it for your phone’s requests ?
Ionic Deploy doesn’t work in the browser so it’s not useful here.

Also I’m using $ which normally ask for a new answer every minute. I see the console log saying that there is no update and also the requests via wireshark (and shark for root). But this request is secured by SSL…

Oh sorry, should have specified. You basically have to be on the same Wifi with both devices and then set your computer (get the IP in Charles via Help -> Local IP address) as the proxy in your devices: (see steps in the bottom of the page)

Then you should be able to look if there are requests that correspond to what is logged.

And for SSL: (bottom again)