Ionic Deploy how to cancel download in progress

Is there currently any way to cancel/stop the $ process? Our app has a fairly large amount of content and I’d like to display a progress bar along with a cancel button while the update is being downloaded to the app.

This cancel feature is required in the case where a user has a slow connection and the download takes a long time. We want to give users the option to back out in this situation.

So far I have not changed the download and extract code from what’s in the docs.

        // Download the updates
        $ {
            // Extract the updates
            $ionicDeploy.extract().then(function() {
                // Load the updated version
            }, function(error) {
                // Error extracting
            }, function(progress) {
                // Do something with the zip extraction progress
                $scope.extractionProgress = progress;
                console.log('Extraction Progress: ' + $scope.extractionProgress);
        }, function(error) {
            // Error downloading the updates
        }, function(progress) {
            // Do something with the download progress
            $scope.downloadProgress = progress;
            console.log('Download Progress: ' + $scope.downloadProgress);
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Looking at the code of the JS of ionic-platform-webclient and the JS and native code of the plugin I see no code that could be used to cancel a download. It just starts a download in the background and reports the background back to the callback.

But, I think it wouldn’t actually be too hard for a native developer to add this to the plugin. Probably a call to a function that sets a variable the download progress checks periodically and then just stops downloading. But of course this would need changes in all librariers (ionic-platform-webclient and plugin) - so better talk to the Ionic guys before implementing this, to find out if they actually want to merge this into their code.

Did you have any success displaying the process in a progress bar? I’m playing around with this right now, but somehow the values just don’t get updated.

D’oh, I could use this function now. Anybody built it yet?