Ionic Deploy and IOS App Store

Has anyone had any experience using Ionic Deploy in an app for IOS?

I was just reviewing the app review guidelines, and came across the following:

2.7 Apps that download code in any way or form will be rejected

So if you use Ionic Deploy, it seems your app woudl be rejected. Has anyone had any experience, and/or am I missing something?

Apple has an exception for “scripts” running in webkit as long as the main functionality doesn’t change after the update.

More info in this blog post

This is functionality is allowed, and a benefit hybrid apps have over native apps. At PhoneGap Day EU 2015 Simon MacDonald gave a presentation about ‘contentsync plugin’ which allows you to auto update your app:

Blog by Raymond Camden on contentsync plugin:

Thanks both, that’s really helpful. If I actually have any problems I’ll post back here