Ionic Deep linker view does not update on browser back button event

I have a PWA built with ionic deep linker. I have done a demo here where the browser back button doesn’t work as expected.

Steps to reproduce
 1.In Dashboard page click on edit button.It will navigate to customer 
 page(see URL.It is changed to /Customer/CustomerId).
 2.In Customer page, you will see the customer info and other customers 
 list, there click edit from other customers list.This will open another 
 page.(see URL.It is changed to /Customer/CustomerId).
 3.Click on browser back button u can see that the URL is changed but the 
 view is not updated.

If I repeat steps 1 & 2 then click on nav back button instead of browser button then it works correctly.Both the URL and the view gets updated.

Is there something I am doing wrong because the browser back button does not work as expected or this is issue of ionic framework.