Ionic debugging is not working in iOS devices

Ionic 3 debugging is not working in my iOS devices, it shows only .js files, it doesn’t show any .ts file how to enable .ts debugging file.

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put one debug point or debugger() in any relevant place… and inspect chrome or safari it will be hit the debugger .

If you are working with ios device enable Safari web inspector and check same with safari.

but it did not show any .ts (typescript) files then how can i put debug point

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Use some editor/IDE example in Login page after login before navigating to some other page put one console.log(“Login success”)or debugger point . then run the same on device/browser
then run the application .
you will be able to inspect the application from chrome/safari browser.

where can i put debugging point in .js file or somewhere?

ts and .js files are different… If you are using javascript code uses .js file.else if you are using typescript code uses .ts file.

i need to put debug in typescript code

Did you see main.js file somewhere in your folder ( in safari browser) and I hope you are building dev version of app

ya i got main.js file but there is no .ts files

That is fine, you will find your code in that file.
So once you build your app it will compile all the .ts files and create single main.js file from where you can debug the app (place break points).
I hope this will help you.


Thanks for your response, i hope it will helpful for me.


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