Ionic deal with unicode characters

I am receiving some data from web server with unicode characters as below:-

> á à é è í ì ò ó ù ú

I am using below line for setting value:-


If I am going to set value using below:-

> <ion-textarea value="{{data.Desc}}"> this is not working because in validation I set below:-

Description: new FormControl('', Validators.required)

How can use [innerHTML] here?

How can I show this properly?

Those are HTML entities, not Unicode characters.

á = Unicode character
&aacute; = HTML entity that is supposed to render as á

My recommendation is “don’t”. HTML is a bad choice for a transfer format, and your issue is one reason why.

Why can’t your server simply send the underlying characters? JSON is perfectly capable of handling Unicode:

{ “foo”: “á à é è í ì ò ó ù ú” }

@rapropos , Thank for reply!

I checked with the server guy he said that they can not send unicode characters.
So I need to deal with HTML entities.

Now please suggest any solution if you have.