Ionic dashboard

Hi all,

Did anyone have experience with building dashboards with the ionic framework?
I searched for ionic specific dashboards but just found angular dashboards.
Are there any dashboards which are proven to work fine on tablets/ smartphones?


What defines “dashboard”? Organizable widgets, graphs, charts, etc?

Hi ,
I mean a dashboard which can be customized like:

Most frameworks i saw use bootstrap and i don;t think it is a good idea to mix bootstrap with ionic.


Hi David,

Ionic is really a tool to be used to create mobile apps - and recently tablets app.

If you’re trying to create a responsive website, ionic is just not the tool for it.

If you’re trying to build an app with a dashboard, you could easily use ionic with a couple of angular libs like

Hope that will answer your question

I want to build a tablet app with a dashboard.
This means that i will take the controllers from the libs and write my own html and css. Is this correct?