Ionic Dashboard App Flow convert Ionic Creator?

I have a few dozen Ionic Creator apps that I need to provide updates to in the Apple App Store. With Creator no longer being able to provide an IPA that Apples accepts (API out of date error) I need to find another solution.

Is it possible to use the Ionic Dashboard (appears to be renamed AppFlow) to import a creator export and then output a package that matches Apple’s current API requirements.

Is there a tutorial you can provide that walks me thru this process?

Thanks in advance.

There is a webinar next week about Ionic studio and app flow

Yes, I’m planning on attending this. This will cover features I’m sure and not much detail. I"m looking for more specific details in how to now adjust to Creator no longer producing a viable executable. Is there any specific tutorials I can reference to export/import my creator files into another Ionic to then export a viable executable?