How to prototype an Idea with Hobby subscription

I just restarted to play with Ionic-framework after some years.

I wold like to create a demo of an Idea, deployed as an App on few real devices (Ios and Android) that uses Camera, Gps and Bluetooh.

I remember that few years ago I could use Cordova-plugins and Ionic View and it was easy.

Is it possible achieve that goal with the current Ionic-framework? and how?

I tried to start with the photo-galley demo app, but when I try to deploy the App to the iphone it fails. (does it need the Apple Developer annual subscription?)

Now I’m evaluating Appflow as an alternative of the old process supported by Ionic framework with the Ionic View app shell.

You can’t deploy to iOS without a cert. Best to make a PWA and work with that for your idea. If you really want to put it on a device. With Android you can install the APK on your phone.