Ionic creating empty projects

I am totally new to ionic
I have installed ionic with $ npm install -g ionic cordova
then after I did this

D:\Ionic>ionic start cutePuppyPics
? What starter would you like to use: tabs
[WARN] Git CLI not found on your PATH. You may wish to install it to version control your app.
See installation docs for git:

   Use --no-git to disable this warning.

√ Creating directory .\cutePuppyPics - done!
[INFO] Fetching app base (
× Downloading - failed!
Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

It’s creating empty project folder.
I have already installed git also added this directory to Git
Don’t know what to do?
All the searching on Google got into vain.
Let’s see if anyone can help me here.

Versions Using
ionic@3.5.0 (CLI)

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That means that when ionic cli try to get the tabs starter from github cant download it cause cant do a git clone (thats why the show you the message to install git or maybe if you have it already add the to the path).

Try that, hope this help :blush:

Thanks for the help man
I have added git to PATH

but now this error still persists

ionic start Temp
? What starter would you like to use: tabs
√ Creating directory .\Temp - done!
[INFO] Fetching app base (
× Downloading - failed!
Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

EAI_AGAIN is a DNS lookup timed out error, means it is a network connectivity error or proxy related error.

Maybe try it later :thinking:

Ok now it downloaded and project now up and running

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How it can be a solution . I try it for 10 days no change



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Check if it is blocked by your firewall or something.
Check with system admin or ISP.

HI I am trying to create ionic 4 project but its creating empty folder as below. Please help in this

Hello , delete node.js
Open Cmd with administrator rights (important)
1/ reinstall node js LTS version (i use node 10.15.3) (do not use latest version of node , i recommend only 10.15.3)
2/ npm install -g npm@latest
3/ npm install -g ionic cordova
4/ionic start mon-projet-ionic blank

Hope this will help you !

I think its creating the project…
You just need to be patient…:blush:

No whole day I waited…it is stopped there in creating folder :slight_smile:

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I am able to create ionic only project…any way I will try by following your suggestion and get back to you.

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You can also create a new user in the window.
And then Install Ionic in it also install angular.
then create project(by following the command ionic start projectName blank ).
Hope this will work for you :slightly_smiling_face: