Ionic cordova resources returns error

I am trying to generate splash screen in my existing project , which i upgraded to the latest by following this

ionic cordova resources --splash returns error as in the image attached


Here is my ionic info


I tested to do the same in different ionic projet and i changed splash file also both returns same error.

Yea this is an issue everyone is getting when trying to generate a project, add a platform or generate resources. I and a few other people have reported it as a bug to the Ionic team and Iā€™m waiting to hear back from them.

See this post and this post.

All we can do is wait :frowning:

meanwhile i am trying with this

Yea that might work. Still an issue for anyone trying to add a platform who already have the resources as it still tries to make the calls :frowning:

You might want to create an issue with Ionic CLI so this call gets removed or at least made disableable.